Meet Our Doulas

Eva Cooper (She/Her)

Eva Irene Birth 


Eva is a doula and birth photographer, as well as a massage apprentice. Eva provides her services with intention- and believes that birth is an intimate space that must be held with reverence while families bond. Eva’s favorite part of birth is witnessing the parents fall in love with each other and their little one for the first time, all over again. Eva serves North Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Box Elder and Cache counties.

Dez Weyburn (She/Her)

Between Wish and World


Dez is a birth and bereavement doula and photographer, a licensed massage apprentice, and mother of two. She is a birth nerd who tries to take all the trainings and continuing education possible, and brings a wide range of education and experience to births. She loves working with clients that work to make their birth experience their own, from cesarean to home birth and everything in between. Dez serves clients in Davis, Weber, Morgan, and Salt Lake counties, as well as parts of Tooele, Box Elder, and Cache counties. 

(Photo credit goes to Eva for my headshot!)

Mindy Bigler (She/Her)

Mother Nurture baby


Mindy is a Birth and Postpartum doula, Massage therapist, and postpartum Belly Binder.  She believes every birthing person deserves to be heard and respected in their birth space. She believes birth is intuitive, that moms know what is best for them. Mindy serves Davis, Weber, Box Elder, Cache, and Salt Lake counties.

Joleen Cullens  (She/Her)

Healing Tree Wellness


Joleen is a doula, birth photographer, massage therapist, yoga & belly dance instructor. She believes birth is an opportunity for growth, healing and spiritual connection. She comes to the birth space with a calming presence, intuition and love. Joleen serves Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Box Elder and Cache counties.

Megan Crawmer 

Empowered Beginnings